Lasting Impressions

Science Museum of Virginia

From February through May, 2016, twenty-nine of Vaughn’s copper abstractions were on exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia. Four works, each 4' in height, displayed along the second floor hallway, with an accompanying video detailing the process for rendering the abstractions on copper. A select portion of that exhibit continues in the Periodic Table Café through the end of summer.


Second floor hallway display, overlooking the rotunda

A selection of books, pickled leaves, and assorted tools gave patrons an up close view of many of the tools used in the process.

Seating area, Periodic Table Café. The abstraction above the sofa is 6' x 3', and is a reversible piece with images on both sides of the copper.

Rubber Tree Forest, 48" x 36", on display above the fireplace in the Periodic Table Café

Three abstractions give patrons an up close view of the work